The Silent Majority – THE LIST

This is the group of The Silent Majority – THE LIST.  We started this group for the 17.4 million people who voted Leave in the EU Referendum.  We believe that the Government and Parliament are not listening to the people who voted Leave and are not delivering the Brexit for which we voted.  We know what LEAVE meant!

No Single Market, No Customs Union, No EU Membership, No European Courts, No Transitional Period, No Money, No EU Army (PESCO), No EURO corps!  Bring back our fishing waters. Rebate of 3 billion (Common Agricultural Policy) due to British Farmers. What about our share of the EU assets?



Our country WILL be great again.  Being able to make our own laws that is better suited to our country, being able to trade with the WHOLE world instead of being insular within the EU, or controlled by a foreign, unelected entity.  China, USA, the top 2 in the world! What about our Commonwealth friends? Most Leave voters have said, ‘we are prepared to take a knock on the chin’ when we leave the EU, if it means we get to control  our own country, our own borders, trade with whom we want and make our own laws, regain our own waters, regain our Sovereignty. The MPs who were voted in by the people are supposed to represent us within Parliament and some are failing democracy; the electorate have supreme sovereignty.  “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights “Article 21 (3) The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government…” So join me, let’s get the biggest voice in history, we need to come together to tell this Government, we have spoken, we said LEAVE – LEAVE THE EU IN ITS ENTIRETY – LET’S PUT THE GREAT BACK INTO BRITAIN!

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We are taking a Petition Letter – THE PEOPLE’S PETITION direct to No 10 on Monday 19th March, 2018 at 2.00 p.m.  If you want to come and support, it would be lovely to see you!

We are NOT affiliated to any political party and are a cross party alliance of ordinary British Voters who will stand up for their rights, and of course, Dame Joan Collins! THIS IS FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE!

The List may also arrange demonstrations and/or peaceful marches.  Want to keep informed of demos, campaigns etc? Then click here

We have received emails of support and a even a big celebrity has added her name!
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The List currently stands at over 1 million supporters but we need as close to the 17.4 and more.